What Happens When You Visit a Dentist in Livermore

Dentist in LivermoreWhy visit your dentist in Livermore at least once every six months? We want you to come in at least once every six months to get your mouth examined, have your teeth cleaned and ensure that there are no serious complications coming around the corner. From your perspective, these visit should be extremely important. Consider the fact that your teeth are actually the very first step in your digestive system, and that whatever is in your mouth will eventually end up in your stomach. The importance of a bi-annual cleaning is to prevent an accumulation of oral bacteria that can the find its way into your digestive tract and could end up giving you more health concerns. In the same vein of thought, the routine visits also can catch any infections that could cause you to have health concerns before they become serious. Treating these conditions early is much more effective.My dentist seems to follow the same routine whenever I go in for my six-month visit? Yes. The dentist office, whether it is the dentist in Livermore or elsewhere, will follow much the same routine every time you go in for a routine examination and cleaning. This pattern creates a level of consistency, which in turn ensures that we will catch any changes in your teeth or mouth. It also works in your favor since you know what to expect. We will start the visit with a full cleaning of your teeth that includes flossing them and polishing them for a whiter smile. After this, the dentist will take time to conduct a complete investigation of your mouth, prodding at the teeth and gently scraping the gums. This is done to find any hidden soft spots or weaknesses in the teeth that are not apparent to the naked eye. If necessary, we will take x-rays that can give the dentist a clear picture of the insides of the tooth, the root, and the jawbone for diagnostic purposes. Finally, we will give you a toothbrush before sending you home, to remind you that you need to replace your toothbrush at least once every six months.Is my dentist in Livermore only checking for cavities?No. One of the things we do with ever visits is to give you a screening for oral cancer. This silent, deadly disease has become a focal point for dentists all over the country including in our office. Our goal is to catch, treat, and eliminate any cancer that may found in your mouth early on. There is no one more skilled or trained in identifying what potential problems you have in your mouth than your dentist. As such we have become the frontline of defense in the battle against oral cancer, providing each one of our patients a free screening every time you come in for a bi-annual checkup. If we find anything of concern, we may refer you to an oncologist for further testing.  This is another reason it is important, despite busy schedules and conflicts, to make sure you come see us at least once every six months. 
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