Tips for Saving Money From a Dentist Families Trust

Posted on: June 15th, 2017 by Dr. Timothy Hubbs

As a dentist families depend on, we are regularly asked questions about how to save money on dental care or specific procedures. We understand that a lot of families live on a budget that doesn’t leave room for emergency medical bills. With this in mind it is important to plan ahead and do what you […]

How a Dentist Can Restore Damaged Teeth

Posted on: June 1st, 2017 by Dr. Timothy Hubbs

If your tooth has become cracked, chipped, the enamel has worn away, or it is sensitive, we can address this problem using several methods. We believe in providing patients with options and as such, here is what you need to know. Dental Restoration Options Dental Crowns If the tooth has severe damage, dental crowns are […]

The Truth About Adult Braces

Posted on: May 15th, 2017 by Dr. Timothy Hubbs

Many adults can now use adult braces to achieve straight and beautiful teeth. This has led to a revolution in the way people view teeth straightening; especially when it comes to patients who are no longer in their teens. In the past, people would avoid getting their teeth straightened out of fear for a long […]

What to Expect From a Dental Exam in Livermore

Posted on: May 1st, 2017 by Dr. Timothy Hubbs

When you visit us for a dental exam in Livermore, we will conduct a physical examination and take X-rays. Our objective is to identify health problems you currently have, along with any issues that seem to be on the horizon. For example, we can identify signs of tooth decay and offer treatment solutions. However, we […]

Visit the Dentist Before You Go on Vacation

Posted on: April 17th, 2017 by Dr. Timothy Hubbs

If you are planning on heading out on a summer vacation, you have probably started the planning process already. The planning process is usually one of the most fun things people do on an annual basis, so while you are booking tickets, planning your route, and looking for new adventures, make sure to also think […]

Visit Our Family Dental Office for a Bi-Annual Dental Cleaning

Posted on: April 3rd, 2017 by Dr. Timothy Hubbs

When you visit our Livermore family dental office for a dental cleaning, we can examine you to determine if you have any cavities or gum disease and if you need to have any treatments to restore your mouth to excellent health. We encourage you to visit our general dentist office for a bi-annual teeth cleaning […]

Learn How Teeth Can Be Straightened Invisibly From an Invisalign® Dentist

Posted on: March 15th, 2017 by Dr. Timothy Hubbs

As an Invisalign® dentist, we can straighten one’s teeth without anyone knowing. Invisalign® is a fantastic solution for working professionals that need to maintain a certain image that may be damaged by wearing metal braces. Whether you are a corporate lawyer or a college student, some people simply don’t want the attention. Fortunately, Invisalign® provides […]

Flossing Basics You Need to Know From Our Livermore Dentist Office

Posted on: March 1st, 2017 by Dr. Timothy Hubbs

In our Livermore dentist office, we practice preventative care to help our patients feel their best by having healthy teeth and gums. It is important to take care of one’s mouth with a good oral hygiene routine that involves brushing and flossing every day. Most people brush a couple of times a day, where flossing, […]

Does Invisalign® really work and is it necessary?

Posted on: February 15th, 2017 by Dr. Timothy Hubbs

Does Invisalign® really work and is it necessary? The second part of this question is best answered by looking at the reason that people use Invisalign®. The smile is an effective and a common facial expression. It is an expression of happiness, friendliness, uncertainty and a way to buy time when one is thinking of […]

How to Make the Right Dentures Choice

Posted on: February 1st, 2017 by Dr. Timothy Hubbs

In the past, dentures have only been known as an unsightly and unrealistic-looking removable appliance for teeth. Today, dentures are in the running for one of the best options to replace missing teeth. If you are considering getting dentures to replace a few or all of your teeth, we can help you find the denture […]