As an Invisalign® Dentist in Livermore CA We Work With the Invisalign Lab Techs

Invisalign dentist in Livermore CAThe first step our Invisalign dentist in Livermore CA takes is to ensure that there are no underlying problems you have that could cause complications with the treatment or delay the effects. Invisalign® works on a very tight schedule, so taking the extra consultation appointment can avoid having to make adjustments to the plan later. If some challenge is detected, it can usually be rectified before we start the process of straightening your teeth. The good news, for most people, is that this is typically a formality. The vast majority of patients do not have any problems that will cause the system to fail. Being that the system is based on precision, it is better to take a moment to confirm that you are a great candidate before beginning. Once it is verified, we will proceed to the first stage of the treatment which is commonly known as building the records.In our office, building the records consists of getting all the needed measurements, photographs, and x-rays that are needed to build a precise model in the laboratory. The most important element of this is the dental impression, which we will take during the first session. This dental impression forms the basis on which we will build a plan to straighten your teeth, and is used to help set the timeline for the alignment. All of this is then sent to the skilled technicians that work for Invisalign®.Once they receive the package, the laboratory technicians go to work building a computerized 3D model of your mouth. They do this by first scanning the dental impression into the system. They then ensure that everything meets the precise measurements we took during your office visit. The model that is created on the computer is then run through a simulator which visually changes the teeth from where they are now to the goals we have for them at the end of the treatment. Through this entire process we, as your Invisalign dentist in Livermore CA, is in constant contact with the laboratory, making changes, and giving specific instructions so that the model fits your needs. You will also have access to the models online if you want to review it. Once the plan is set, specific dates are generated based on the plan and projected movement of the teeth, to generate aligners. We will then give the laboratory the go ahead to fabricate the first set of Invisalign® aligners and mail them to you, or us based on our conversations.It is important for you to understand the importance of wearing your aligners at least 20 hours per day. The aligners work on a principle of pressure movement. The newest aligner you place over your teeth is usually offset by around 1/10th of a millimeter so that it can put pressure on your teeth to move in that direction. Traditional metal braces and rubber bands use this same principle. Your teeth respond by moving until they are aligned perfectly with the tray. If for some reason you fail to wear your aligner enough, your teeth will not move in time for the next set to be placed and the entire plan will have to be reconsidered, which can get expensive.  Fortunately, as an Invisalign dentist in Livermore CA, we have found that with regular checkups we can help our patients to keep their treatment plan on track and ensure that teeth are moving correctly until the treatment is complete. 
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