We Offer Teeth Whitening in Livermore CA for Retirees

Teeth Whitening in Livermore CA

If you are looking or teeth whitening in Livermore CA, we can help.  In our office, we treat patients of all ages and as long as you are over the age of eighteen, you can have your teeth whitened.  If you are approaching retirement age, we want to invite you to come in to discuss your teeth and schedule a teeth whitening treatment.  Many of our older patients don’t like their smile because of a variety of reasons, including yellow teeth.  While it is natural for teeth to become yellow and stained over time, you do not have to live with a smile you don’t like.  While approaching retirement, there are more reasons than ever to improve your smile.

Many of our interested patients ask if there is much of a difference between what we do in our office and what the over the counter products can accomplish.  In theory, they both whiten teeth but that is where the similarities tend to end.  When you purchase a product in the store, it will most likely remove surface stains only.  Our solution, on the other hand, penetrates below the surface of your enamel to whiten from within the tooth.  The results, therefore, are more dramatic with an in-office treatment.  In fact, we can get your teeth eight shades whiter or more in a single visit.

For retirees, the simple act of having a teeth whitening in Livermore CA, can significantly improve their smile.  This is due to how teeth tend to become dull and yellow over time.  Teeth that are bright and white look younger and can make a person appear younger as well. This is non-invasive, so it is fast and easy to complete while also being affordable.

As you age, there are other oral health issues we can address as well.  Tooth loss is among them.  It is common for people to lose at least one tooth with age while others lose all of their teeth.  The challenge is that when a tooth falls out, bone loss occurs in the jawbone.  If you lose too many teeth, the shape and size of your jaw will start to change, and it can age you significantly.  Tooth loss can lead to an overall sagging appearance in your face, something that we can prevent.  By placing a dental implant under the gums and securing it to the jawbone, the integrity of your jaw can be persevered, as can your appearance.  While dentures are still an effective solution, they do not help your jawbone.

If you do decide to get dental implants, we still encourage you to schedule a teeth whitening in Livermore CA first.  This is because your new tooth will be matched in shade to the natural ones surrounding it.  The new tooth will not stain or bleach easily so whatever shade it is created in, is what it will stay.  By whitening your teeth first, your entire smile will be white and beautiful.  If you have your new tooth created in the shade of your teeth now, and schedule a whitening treatment later, your new tooth may appear yellow.


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