Information From a General Dentist on Our General Dentist Procedures

General Dentist ProceduresFor information from a general dentist – general dentist procedures, continue reading. We can keep your teeth and gums in the best condition with a variety of treatments and procedures you may need. We provide preventative care and restorative care for our patients. Once we evaluate your dental health, we can give you the treatments you need for a better appearance and better dental health. We have created a list of some of our most performed general dentist procedures.

Here Are Some of our General Dentist Procedures

Dental Bonding: Our dental bonding is used to restore teeth with minimal damage like chips, cracks, or discoloration. We bond a tooth-colored composite resin material to the problem area. When applied, bonding is in a malleable form. Following placement, we will contour the bonding to match the shape of your tooth and cure it until it is hard. We will then polish it into an enamel-like appearance. Dental bonding is one of our most affordable restorative treatments.

Dental Fillings: Dental fillings are used when decay is removed from teeth. After we remove a cavity, we will fill in the area with a tooth-colored dental filling. It repairs damage to the structure of the tooth. Our fillings can be created from a variety of materials, including gold, amalgam, composite resin, or porcelain. We prefer to use tooth-colored options as they produce the most realistic-looking restoration and blend in with your other teeth.

Dental Crowns: These are used to repair extensive damage to teeth. If your tooth has a large cavity or crack, a dental crown will be used to cover the entire tooth, providing comprehensive protection from future damage and decay. Our crowns are usually made of gold metals, silver metals, porcelain and metal together, or just porcelain. Dental crowns can also be used to disguise unsightly teeth for a better appearance. Most patients prefer we use tooth-colored materials for our crowns, as well.

Deep Cleaning: When you visit to learn more about our general dentist – general dentist procedures, we will most likely examine all of your teeth and gums to determine which procedures are needed and include a deep cleaning during your appointment. Deep cleanings are important because they remove excess bacteria and plaque from teeth and gums to deter decay and gum disease. A deep cleaning at our office will include several steps like flossing, brushing with specialized tools and pastes, or even a baking soda application to burst away surface stains in some cases.

Our general dentist – general dentist procedures range far beyond the ones listed above. We provide comprehensive care to prevent damage and restorative services to perfect flaws that occurred from damage. If you are in need of a dental replacement (like a dental bridge or dental implant), orthodontics treatment, gum disease treatment, or oral and maxillofacial procedures, we will discuss these needs and the procedures we can offer to help when you come into our office.

In order to learn more information from our general dentist – general dentist procedures, visit or call. We are happy to give you the care you need.


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