Improve Your Gums by Visiting a Cosmetic Dentist in Livermore CA

Cosmetic Dentist in Livermore CA

When you think of a cosmetic dentist in Livermore CA, you probably think of us in terms the people who can give you an amazing smile. With our relentless focus on giving you the whitest and straightest teeth, we have honed our skills in a number of different techniques that can do exactly that. Most people have become familiar with what it is that a cosmetic dentist does. This is because there is an increased awareness of how we can ensure that you have the best appearance you possible. As a cosmetic dentist in Livermore CA, we play an important role in improving your overall smile and appearance when we correct your damaged or stained teeth. To that end, there are the bread and butter procedures that we perform day in and day out. These include giving you whiter teeth with teeth whitening, replacing teeth that are lost with bridges and dentures, installing dental implants for a more permanent solution to tooth loss, and repairing damaged teeth with dental veneers or dental crowns. There are also a few other procedures that we do, not quite as regularly, that have some significant crossover between the medical and functional elements of dentistry and its cosmetic applications. Two of these are a gum contouring and gingivectomies. 

As a cosmetic dentist in Livermore CA, we can have a major impact on your mouth’s health and well-being. This is especially true if you find yourself in need of a gingivectomy. Fundamentally a gingivectomy is a procedure that is done to remove some of the excess gum tissue that has become loose and unattractive around the teeth. This occurrence is typically tied to gum diseases or periodontitis. When a patient has periodontitis, the gums become separated from the teeth themselves. This creates a deep pocket in the gums, between the teeth and gums. While this is unattractive, it has more serious implications. The deep pockets are extremely hard to clean, leading to a buildup of plaque inside and around them. Left untreated this plaque can result in bacterial infections that can be devastating for a mouth already under siege by gum disease. In order to remove it, we will need to perform a gingivectomy.

To start the procedure, we will first numb the area with a local anesthetic. Then, once the gums are well numbed, we will surgically remove the loose tissue using a scalpel or laser surgery. During the surgery, we will make sure to contour the gums which will prevent the typical loss of shape after the procedure. Finally, we will cover the gums themselves with a putty solution. This gives the gums some protected time to heal and return to normal.

The gums are a very important part of the mouth, both in terms of providing support for the teeth and also for their appearance. When gums become too short, due to gum recession, they can cause the teeth to look too long and can expose the root. When they are too long, they will cause you to have a gummy smile. As a cosmetic dentist in Livermore CA, we can lengthen or shorten your gums through a simple, in-house, procedure known as gum contouring. This can drastically improve the appearance of your smile while ensuring that your gums are in excellent health.  To learn more about your options, call and schedule a consultation.

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