Your Health Can Improve With Help From a Cosmetic Dentist in Livermore

Cosmetic DentistAs a cosmetic dentist in Livermore, we understand that cosmetic dentistry is a growing field. The procedures we perform on a daily basis have become an integral part of how society views dentistry. For example, take the dental crown. In today's world, few people can imagine a scenario where they lose a tooth or experience extensive damage to a tooth and their dentist is unable to give them a perfectly matched replacement crown. The idea is purely cosmetic, but the functionality a person loses when they lose a tooth makes the process critical for the patient. While there is still some level of old school thinking that believes cosmetic dentistry only focuses on the aesthetics of the mouth, bite and teeth, there is also a growing awareness that the aesthetics of the teeth and the functionality of the teeth are not quite as far apart as we once believed. We have long been aware that the work we do not only restores beautiful smiles but also helps the patient maintain a healthier mouth.

Today cosmetic dentistry is so much more than just whitening of your teeth. While we are still focused on these important elements, and it is our goal that every one of our patients has a perfect smile, cosmetic dentists today do so much more. Cosmetic dentistry has come to include things like bonding, crowns, gingivectomies and dental bridges. All of these procedures are absolutely important for the function of the mouth besides making a person look better. The field has expanded so much that there are even specialty dental professions working within cosmetic dentistry, including prosthodontics and orthodontics. In a nutshell, as the thought process around what constitutes dental work, how cosmetic dentists play a key role in the health of our mouth, and what constitutes purely cosmetic work evolves - people are starting to realize that there is a lot more to cosmetic dentistry than what meets the eye.

Of all the conditions that we treat, people tend to associate visiting a cosmetic dentist with correcting damaged or misaligned teeth. Unfortunately for many people, they develop teeth that are not well situated in the mouth leading to overcrowding, unsightly spacing, and issues with their bite alignment. This is known professionally as a malocclusion. It is an extremely common condition. A malocclusion is not considered to be directly harmful to a person's oral health. However, there are underlying problems which occur because a person's teeth are not aligned properly. For example, a person who has severe malocclusion will have trouble cleaning every area of their mouth completely. The nature of the misaligned teeth will determine just how effective a brush can be when getting to places that are hard to reach, even in teeth that are perfectly straight. Flossing can also be a challenge. As a result, some areas of a teeth may not be getting cleaned, which will lead to plaque buildup, cavities, and in some cases more serious problems like gum diseases and gingivitis. Having a cosmetic dentist straighten your teeth to improve their appearance, also helps to resolve these hygiene issues and improves the overall health of your mouth.


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