Five Things to Decide Before Meeting a Cosmetic Dentist in Livermore CA

Cosmetic Dentist in Livermore, CAWhen you schedule an appointment with a cosmetic dentist in Livermore, CA, you are opening the door to transforming your smile and addressing any issues that you may have with your appearance.  Fixing your smile is actually one of the fastest ways to improve how you look, and it doesn’t take hours of gym time.  Since technology continues to advance, there is virtually no issue with your teeth that cannot be corrected by seeing the right dentist. Therefore, the important thing is to know what you do and don’t want for your smile.

Before you come in, you should consider the following:

Do you want a full smile makeover?  In most cases, there are things that people like about their teeth and things that they don’t.  A full makeover or replacing all of your teeth is only necessary if you don’t like anything about your smile, or you need to replace all of your teeth due to health reasons. Otherwise, let us know what you do like about your smile so that we can focus on the problems only.

What is your availability? It is important to be realistic about the amount of time that you have available for treatments.  When you visit a cosmetic dentist in Livermore, CA, let us know if you have a busy work schedule or family obligations that would interfere with your ability to schedule ongoing dental appointments.  This is important because some procedures, like dental implants, require multiple trips.  Understanding this information will allow us to select treatments that will work within your availability.  Simultaneously, if you have any important events coming up we want to know about them so that we can finish the transformation in time.

Do you like the shape of your teeth? If any of your teeth appear too large or too small then, you may want to have it fixed as part of your smile transformation.  This is possible using a variety of techniques.  Simply let us know if you feel that your teeth are not the right size or shape, and we will incorporate that into your treatment plan.

How white is white?  The term “white teeth” is relative.  All teeth are a shade of white and how white you want them to be is a personal decision.  We have samples you can look at to determine the shade of white that you want your teeth to be and use this as a benchmark during your treatments.  Brilliantly white teeth are good for some people, but a more subtle shade is preferred by others.  We can accommodate all shades in our office.

Is anything bothering you?  If you are experiencing any discomfort, we want to know about it so that we can address your health problems prior to proceeding.  Anything from a simple cavity to full blown gum disease needs to be resolve before you have optional dental treatments.  This will ensure that your teeth and gums heal properly after cosmetic work.

As a cosmetic dentist in Livermore, CA, we can help you to have the perfect smile.  Schedule your consultation and get started today.


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