Dentures in Livermore CA After Tooth Extractions

Dentures in Livermore CADentures in Livermore CA after tooth extractions are a solution that will not cause discomfort and will provide you with the chewing power you need while you arrange other tooth replacement options. This is helpful if you are not fully satisfied with wearing dentures permanently. Having a tooth extracted, or many teeth extracted, can lead to many damaging repercussions to your dental health. However, if a tooth is extracted, it is most likely the only option. Our dentures can improve the health of your mouth after these extractions.

Most teeth are extracted due to irreversible damage that has occurred because of cavities that were left untreated. Teeth that have cavities can become weakened and break more easily. As damage occurs to your cavity-ridden teeth, they may become too infected and painful to keep. As a last resort, a tooth extraction needs to occur to prevent infections from spreading or to keep you from experiencing persistent discomfort.

If your tooth is extracted and you do not feel any discomfort, you can immediately receive temporary dentures in Livermore CA to fill in the gap before any teeth drifting occurs. If you are experiencing discomfort, it may become magnified when you attempt to eat. You may also feel like your other teeth are at risk of damage from uneven chewing pressure when one or more teeth are missing. If you are hesitant to eat because of a missing tooth or missing teeth, you are not providing yourself with necessary nutrients and are most likely not enjoying life to the fullest extent. Missing teeth can also cause self-consciousness since you may feel your smile is not as attractive as it once was. Dentures can help you combat these problems.

We offer dentures in Livermore CA in the form of complete or partial sets. Complete dentures are needed when you have lost all of your teeth. They will provide you with a full mouth of teeth for the best speaking and chewing functions. Partial dentures may be required if you are missing a couple teeth, but not all of them. Partial dentures can fill in gaps and protect your healthy teeth from being damaged from extra pressure when you are chewing.

With complete and partial dentures in Livermore CA, you will also be protected from more infections because your gums will be sealed to an extent. In order to keep any remaining teeth and your gums healthy, you will still need to maintain proper brushing and flossing habits. Dentures can also improve your appearance and restore your youthfulness by helping keep your face's current shape. Missing teeth can lead to deformations in your jawbone structure and they make you look older than you are.

We can give you more information regarding why dentures in Livermore CA are an excellent solution following a tooth extraction when you come in for an evaluation. Do not limit your chewing, speaking, and smiling abilities by waiting to pursue a tooth replacement option when you can have a quality replacement now.


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