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Signs That You Should Visit a Root Canal Dentist

Posted on: February 23rd, 2016 by Dr. Timothy Hubbs

Many patients are unsure if they need to see a root canal dentist but are concerned about the health of their teeth or are experiencing tooth pain.  It is important to keep in mind that most dentists can perform a root canal but by visiting a specialist, your level of care can improve.  As with […]

Learn Why an Implant Dentist Uses Titanium Posts

Posted on: February 1st, 2016 by Dr. Timothy Hubbs

As an implant dentist, we can replace your missing teeth. Dental implants have been around since the first man or woman, decided that they were tired of losing teeth. They took a hammer and the materials available around them and crafted the first replacements. Usually made of bone or shells, these “implants” were hammered into […]